Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Kicks Phone Out of Fans Hands

(Writer: Frankie Cavone)

Taking photos and recording video concerts have been a common thing many people do at shows. Musicians have taken steps to stop this annoying occurrence but majority the time, it’s hard to stop. At Judas Priest’s concert at the Rosemont Theatre in Illinois, singer Rob Halford took matters into his own hands when he kicked a phone out of a fan’s hands. According to Planet Rock, the person was using their flash and or an LED light throughout their sold out performance. Since the incident, Halford told Loudwire, “The facts are we love our fans and you can film us all you like and watch our shows on your phone rather than in the flesh…However, if you physically interfere with The Metal God’s performance, you now know what will happen.” Watch video of Rob Halford kicking the fan’s phone several rows back below:

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