RECAP: Big Something at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY

RECAP: Big Something at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY

(Writer: Tammie Elller)
(Photos: Vinny Otto)

On Friday, May 10th, Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs hosted a Friday night party with Big Something and Melting Nomads. Big Something is from North Carolina and they sure showed the northeast what they are about.

Burlington, VT based band Melting Nomads got the night started. The two singers —  Meadow Eliz and Joshua West(drummer) both have glorious voices that kept the fans attention which peaked throughout the set. The group has a unique blend of reggae, funk, blues and ska which created a perfect vibe leading up to Big Something’s set. JD Tolstoi on keys, Marshall Dominguez on guitar, and Mowgli Giannitti held it down throughout the set. Be sure to check out Melting Nomads on one of their upcoming tour dates. The band will be releasing their first album sometime early this summer.

Big Something - Saratoga Springs, NY 5-10-2019 (22 of 55).jpg(Photo: Vinny Otto)

Next up was Big Something to close out the night. As soon as they got a couple of bars into their first song, the six-piece ensemble created a face-melting sound unlike anything ever heard before.

There are a couple of notable things about Big Something, starting with lead singer Nick MacDaniels’ voice. Listening to Big Something is unlike listening to many other jam bands because you never want the singer to be quiet — even though the band is equally as great. Secondly, most of us saw an instrument played for the first time called an EWI (electronic wind instrument) which is a type of wind controller that has a similar fingering mode that resembles other wind instruments. With a fusion of funk, rock and everything in between, Big Something delivers a sound as unique as the members themselves. Click here for their upcoming tour dates. Check out photos from the night below:




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