Reefer Madness with Wild Adriatic in Saratoga Springs, NY

Reefer Madness with Wild Adriatic in Saratoga Springs, NY

(Writer: Tammie Eller)
(Photo: Vinny Otto)

On the day before Easter this year, cannabis enthusiasts everywhere celebrated our own holiday — 420. Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs hosted Wild Adriatic for a special Reefer Madness set that not only fit the theme of the day but was also straight fire.

To heat things up, Wurliday from Albany kicked things off for us and, wow. This band brought us some groovy tunes that left us ready for more. It was delightful to get the rare opportunity to see a female lead singer with one of the prettiest and soulful voices around while holding things down throughout.

Wurliday - Putnam Place - 420 (15 of 19).jpg(Photo: Vinny Otto)

Watching Wild Adriatic was like watching a whole new band. Fresh off a tour with Andy Frasco and the U.N., it was apparent right off the bat that these guys picked up a few tricks. Opening up the set with a cool sandwich/segue combo including “Party,” “Rainy Day,” and “You Don’t Know How it Feels,” this band kicked off our 420 celebrations with a heater. Then, they went into “Don’t Hold Back” with some crowd participation that worked like a charm and had everyone singing and feeling the love.

For the next few hours, our ears feasted on everything from old-school rock to reggae to rap done in Wild Adriatic’s own kick-ass style while our eyes feasted on the fresh video graphics in the background done by drummer Mateo Vosganian. We were treated to several more genius segues and sandwiches thrown in to help us stave off the munchies, too. We heard “Because I got High,” “Don’t Bogart That Joint,” and “Some Nerve” with a little “Purple Haze” as the bread, and too many more to name here. Guitarist Adam Patten sat in with the band for almost the entire show.

Wild Adriatic - Putnam Place - 420 (49 of 52).jpg(Photo: Vinny Otto)

It’s rare to find a band that gives you a performance that not only rocks but is straight up just a good damn time. My cheeks still hurt from smiling and laughing. If you haven’t seen Travis Gray (vocals/guitar), Rich Derbyshire (Bass, vocals), Mateo Vosganian (drums/vocals) and Scott Hannay (keys, vocals) play together yet, you’re missing out. Each member of the band brings something unique that adds to the magic that makes Wild Adriatic one of the groups you need to have on your radar. Check them out at one of the upcoming tour dates here.



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