Recap: The Werks at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY

Recap: The Werks at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY

(Writer: Tammie Eller)

Last Thursday, just before Easter weekend, everyone got to jumpstart the weekend’s festivities early when The Werks performed at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs. It was utterly surprising there weren’t more people in attendance — especially once the band kicked things off. They opened the show with No Prisoners. It didn’t take long to realize it has taken me entirely too long to check out this band. Most of the bands out there like The Werks play many different genres in one set. However, it was noticeable early on in the show that The Werks put on was on a whole other level. Generally, when a jam band plays hard rock, it sounds like a jam band playing hard rock, and that’s okay. However, when The Werks play a genre, it sounds so good it’s difficult to believe they know any others.

It was mind blowing that not only does this band nail each genre, they also slide from one to the next so seamlessly and flawlessly that it can leave you breathless. Instead of leaving the audience feelings disjointed, though, the changes hold the audience in a sort of trance. Or, as I sometimes like to say — The Werks had the audience by the balls.


At one point, the band expertly played a hard rock song straight into a brilliantly ethereal piano solo that brought tears to my eyes, straight into a jaunty jam using those chords that never fail to make everyone all bouncy. Somehow, instead of confusion, this combination created an atmosphere so interesting that held everyone there in its grasp as though in a trance. Then, as if the night couldn’t get any better, Scott Hannay, keyboardist extraordinaire currently playing with Wild Adriatic, as well as some solo sets featuring our favorite video game music, sat in with the band for a gorgeous jam during Looking for the Light.

One thing is for sure — if you haven’t seen this band or listened to their stuff, you are missing out. Check out The Werks on one of their upcoming tour dates which you can find here.


No Prisoners, Duck Farm, Flagpole Sitta, Drop> Toga Jam, No Diggity, Wide Awake, Looking For The Light[1], Gameplan, Not Alone

Encore: Onslaught

[1] – Scott Hannay on keys



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