Fundraiser: A Tribute For BassBullets

Fundraiser: A Tribute For BassBullets

Albany, NY musician Greg Dubin of BassBullets recently passed away at a young age. Dubin was known as a kind, talented and heartwarming person to his friends and family. Greg was best known for his talents as a DJ and had an uplifting view on the world. To help with take stress off Dubin’s family’s shoulders, there has been a fundraiser set up where people can donate. Click here to donate.

The goal to meet is 10,000 dollars and as of writing this article, the donations are almost up to $6,000! There will be a concert in honor of Greg Dubin this Saturday, March 23rd at Jupiter Hall in Albany, NY titled “A Tribute For Bassbullets.” For more information about the event, please visit the event page by clicking here.

54396442_421541995317838_1566781379268575232_n.jpg(Photo: Tony Colasurdo)


Read Below to see what some friends of the talented DJ had to say:

“Greg Dubin you were a great soul. Waking up at 8 am to a knock on my door to hear this horrible news took me a lot to process. I’ve watched you grow up over the years and we had a lot of great times together. This world is a darker place without your light. You were loved more than you will ever know.” 
~Jeff Montero~

“I found out this morning about Greg Dubin. You were such a nice kid always there with a hug and a smile you’ve given Chad and I so many stones “just because you felt we needed their energy”. I’ll always remember our little talks. This one hurts a lot, you were loved my so many. I hope you’re resting peacefully 💗”
~Nicole Bleichert~

“i have been trying to find my words all day…Greg Dubin waking up today after celebrating a friend’s life that was extinguished far too soon. (Thats 3 people gone in a matter of 30 days.)”

“I hear Boog say, “Nooooooo!!!” Then came the tears. The pain. Then the memories. 
My favorite memory of you, Is when we were neighbors,
I was sitting on Boog and my stoop, it was pouring rain. I was enjoying the stormy weather and I hear a Debo squeeking bike coming down the sidewalk. I sat up and glanced up the block to see You!!!! Tall and lengthy, riding with a Marry Poppins umbrella and bags hanging from your handle bars, struggling to control your bike. We had the best laugh and from then on you would forever be Dubie Poppins to me.”

“The stones we purchased from you will be a constant reminder of your amazing talents and vast knowlegde of all things gemstone. All of my love to everyone who knew you. I can’t believe this is real. The world is sure to be a bit dimmer without you. So many people you have touched are coming together to celebrate you. Hugs to everyone today. I’m so very sorry for this incredibly tragic loss. WE LOVE YOU DUBIE. #BassBullets#DubiePoppins #RestInPeaceFriend. “
~Aimee Winz~

“Rip Greg Dubin ❤️ 
you were like a brother to me and I love you so much. Thanks for always sharing amazing conversation and being someone that I could turn off my filter for. You were the first person I knew who I could talk over and they could talk over me, yet we both are still listening and responding to each other input the whole time 🙂 That is one of the many things I treasure. We could relate on a deep level and you’re energy was always warm and welcoming. Thanks for everything you contributed to all of us in this lifetime. Rest easy, doobster ❤️”
~Meghan Hennessy~


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