VIDEO: Everyone Orchestra Brings a Mega Lineup to Saratoga Springs, NY

VIDEO: Everyone Orchestra Brings a Mega Lineup to Saratoga Springs, NY

Everyone Orchestra made their return to the Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, New York December 15th, 2018 marking their second time playing the venue in 2018. This time, Conductor Matt Butler brought along Chuck Garvey (moe.) Rob Derhak (moe.), Tim Palmieri (Kung Fu), A.C. Carter (TAUK), Shira Elias (Turkuaz), Johnny Kimock (Mike Gordon) and Robbie Wulfsohn (Ripe). For those who don’t know what Everyone Orchestra is, it is a improvisational journey that brings some of the biggest names in the jam band scene together that are different each time for a unique show. This creates a unique vibe and sound each night. You are never seeing the same show and Matt Butler likes to keep the crowd their feet by involving them in the performance.

Everyone Orchestra performed two solid sets at the Putnam Place. With this formation having played together in previous nights, the different styles were meshed together perfectly. It was crazy to see how easily these musicians be able to just start a groove from scratch. As the night went on each person had to start the song off.

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One of our favorite moments from the night was the encore when Chuck Garvey of moe. started a heavy rock and roll riff  and Robbie Wulfsohn recited the lyrics “Oh shit I lost my vape pen.”  On stage, the gag created a great atmosphere for the musicians and even more hilariousness for the crowd. In a world where music at times can be taken too seriously, this group showed what it is really all about. Fun. Nothing more, nothing less. What even made it better was Shira Elis being able to add her flare to the fully improv song along with Tim Palmeri’s out of this world finger tapping capabilities. All in all, Everyone Orchestra put on another lights out show at the Putnam Place ending the weekend run with fans leaving happy and wanting more. Watch the full video and view photos from the show below:

(Photo Credit: Frankie Cavone)

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