Dave Matthews Band Continue Fall Tour in Albany, New York

Dave Matthews Band Continue Fall Tour in Albany, New York

Dave Matthews Band has been on extensive Fall Tour this year making stops all across the United States. The band is sounding tighter than ever and brought an incredible show to The Times Union Center in Albany, NY on December 5th. Usually the band makes their way to the Albany area in the summer for their legendary SPAC runs in Saratoga Springs but this time. The group opened up with “You Never Know” into “One Sweet World” followed by “Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin).” Next Dave Matthews and his band played crowd favorite “Everyday” followed by a cover of Aerosmiths’ “Sweet Emotion.”

The night was filled with crowd pleasers and hits like “Where Are You Going,” “Don’t Drink The Water” and of course “What Would You Say,” The Dave Matthews Band ended the night with a two song encore featuring “Granny” and Bob Dylan cover “All Along the Watchtower.” The group continues their through December 28th where they close in Miami, FL. Check out photos from their performance in Albany, NY below provided by Vinny Otto:


“You Never Know”, “One Sweet World”, “Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)”, “Everyday
Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith cover)”, “Minarets”, “Where Are You Going”, “Burning Down the House”(Talking Heads cover), “Crush”, “Kill the King”, “What Would You Say”, “Here on Out”
“Don’t Drink The Water”, “Dancing Nancies”, “Come On Come On”, “Grey Street”, “She”, “You Might Die Trying”

Encore: “Granny”, “All Along the Watchtower”(Bob Dylan cover)

(Photo Credit: Vinny Otto)


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