Tumblr is Banning All Adult Content

Tumblr is Banning All Adult Content

Writer: Doug Quimby

On December 17, Tumblr will be banning all the adult content on its website. They are going after photos, videos, GIFS, and illustrations of any type of sexual content. The content that is already on Tumblr will be set to private mode and can’t be reblogged or shared elsewhere on the site. There are exceptions to the ban. Art and illustrations that have nudity will be okay, as long as they don’t depict sexual acts. Political protests that include nudity and classical nude sculptures will also be allowed. Text is not apart of the ban so erotica is still okay.

If you’ve ever been on or used Tumblr, then you might know how much of this type of content is on there. You don’t have to search for it either, adult content can show up randomly on your news feed. Then there’s the porn-bots. They follow you and message you out of nowhere. It can definitely be annoying after awhile. The algorithm has already started to flag posts on the website, and it’s not working well. A lot of posts that don’t have any sexual or explicit content have been getting flagged. Even a staff post about the ban was flagged. This has been causing an uproar in the Tumblr community for the past few days.

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As someone who has used Tumblr in the past, I think this can be a good change if done correctly. There’s already websites that are solely for adult content only and Tumblr doesn’t need to be one of them. But they need to fix there algorithm before they start losing the community they’re trying to keep.  

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