Silverstein Stops By Capital Region on 15th Anniversary Tour.

Silverstein Stops By Capital Region on 15th Anniversary Tour.

Post-hardcore veterans Silverstein graced Clifton Park at the much-loved Upstate Concert Hall (formerly Northern Lights) on Wednesday night with Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, and Capstan. It was the fifth stop on their three-month long North American tour celebrating the 15th anniversary of their first full-length album When Broken Is Easily Fixed. Joined by up-and-coming acts As Cities Burn and Capstan, they were also supported by colleague seasoned “emos” Hawthorne Heights who performed new releases, along with fan favorites Niki FM, Ohio is for Lovers, and many more.

Frontman Shane Told mentioned in the middle of their double set that they made sure to add the beloved venue with “the triangular stage in the corner of the room” since it held so many memories of the their 15+ year career. The room was packed and the energy was high as they went through the entire 10-song record in the first half of the set, and then greatest hits and others in the second half. The usual 5-man band added producer Mike Tompa to the tour to play keys, cello, violin and more that were featured on the original release of When Broken Is Easily Fixed in 2003 and the re-release in 2013.

Always ones to provide fans with an energy-packed and fun show, the group treated the show like it was a basement show hangout, as if we time-warped back to the early 2000s with everyone singing and screaming along the words to every song, old and new alike. It might be fair to say that emo is not dead, but alive and well and let’s hope for another 15 years from this iconic band.


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