Super Mario Party Guide: Part 1

Super Mario Party Guide: Part 1

Writer: Doug Quimby

Here at Mirth Films we like to relax after a long day of hard work, and the way we like to do that is by playing Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch. I’d like to give you all some helpful pointers so you too can one day beat all of your friends at this game as well.

The best and first thing you should do is play the main Mario Party party mode(quick note, all the games are best with four friends but this one can work well with two). Mario Party is a straight video game version of a board game in the most awesome way. The goal in this one is to get the most stars you can. You can have a lot of fun winging it, but if you’re going for the win, strategy is your friend. There are five maps in total after unlocking the last one (which you do by playing all of the other ones). Each one you may have to play a little differently but the same concepts go for each one.

ALWAYS go for the star. They have alternate routes you can take for perks but you will pick those up along your journey anyways. There is shops on the board where you can buy items using the coins you’ve been racking up. You can always go the mean way and get the items that hurt your opponents, but the ones that help you move across the board are very helpful like the regular and golden mushrooms. Don’t knock the custom block either, that can help you in many ways like getting an ally, being able to take a shortcut or helping yourself  getting to the star by moving an exact numbered roll.  The best item is the Warp Pipe though. It will bring you right next to the star regardless of its location and this can be a real game changer. However, strategy is crucial. You wouldn’t want to use an item that will bring you to a star if you don’t have enough coins!

Get a squad going. Try to land on that Ally Space. You can have up to four allies. They give you a special die which, depending on the character, can be very beneficial. They also roll every time with you (they can roll a one or two). So lets say you have three allies, you roll a two, and all your allies also roll two’s, you just got six extra moves from your buddies. Also if you play a team mini-game, all of your allies will be able to play.

Let’s put this all together now. There’s three moves left, you’ve managed to lock down three allies at this point. You’re pretty far from where the star is, but you just got to the store that you can buy the Warp Pipe and you of course do. On the next turn you use your Warp Pipe to get next to the star. For this example, i’m going to use Donkey Kong’s die. You have three chances to roll a ten but the other three are zeros (A.K.A. risking it for the biscuit). But the party gods are on your side and you roll a ten, then all three of your allies roll twos. That’s sixteen spaces, you’re moving now. You get the star immediately and it moves in the way you’re going. You start moving your sixteen spaces towards the star and you make it with two spaces to spare. That’s two stars in one move and in the final three rounds. This may be an extremely lucky scenario but has indeed happened more then once in our experience.

Although it can be a game of chance, strategy can get you very far. Think a move ahead and be aware of what your opponents have. Holding onto items for the right moment instead of using them the first chance you get can be very helpful to you in the long run. And if all else fails you could always score a couple stars in the bonus round at the end of the game! This game is intense until the very last minute.

I hope this guide will help you in your Mario Party domination. Stay tuned for part two of our Super Mario Party Guide!



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