Jerry Garcia Inspired Skateboard Released By Street Plant

Street Plant Brand released a Jerry Garcia themed skateboard yesterday. The skateboard is inspired by Jerry Garcia’s famous Tiger Guitar that he used from 1979 to 1995. Mike Vallely, owner of Street Plant Brand said, “my reverence for Jerry Garcia is without end. I find wholeness, harmony, freedom, and radiance in his music, filling me with optimism, love, and hope”. He went on to say that at Street Plant Brand Jerry Garcia music is incorporated into playlists to continue inspiring them in their work.


Street Plant Brand worked with Garcia’s family when the first skateboards influenced by Jerry Garcia were being made. Inspired by the Wolf Guitar Jerry used between 1973 and 1993, Street Plant Brand released the first Jerry Garcia Skateboard earlier this year.

When announcing the newest edition to his Jerry Garcia skateboards, Vallely stated, “where music and skateboarding intersect, there is my heart, and Jerry’s music playing”. For more information, visit Street Plant Brand’s website.

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