An Upstater’s View on New York City

Writer: Doug Quimby

I was born and raised in Lake George, NY which is located about four hours north of New York City. Lake George is located in the Adirondack Park and is a very popular tourist destination in the summer months. But during the winter months it’s almost a ghost town where you can walk down the middle of the main road and not encounter anybody. So the times I’ve visited the city it was like going into another world.

Photo: Frankie Cavone

Walking and driving around the city you really get to see how massive most of the buildings are. It feels like everything’s on top of each other with multiple businesses sharing a couple floors on the bases of skyscrapers. Some stores even having multiple floors to themselves. I totally understand why its set up in this fashion, but coming from a place where the closest mall for miles is one floor and probably only takes you five minutes to walk through, it was wild to see.

Photo: Frankie Cavone

Times Square is on another level. Walking around the city at night, my friends and I went around one block and saw a bunch of light a couple blocks down. When we got down the road we realized we stumbled upon Times Square, and although it was night for the rest of the city, here it was as bright as day. Surrounded by a whole bunch of LED screens and thousands of people was crazy. We watched a man painted in all silver doing his street routine when the Hulk came out of nowhere and made him move like five feet. It was the one of the weirdest things i’ve ever seen. I also can’t stop thinking about the man painted in silver. What is his life like? Is this his only job? Does this man have a homie that paints his back from him because he can’t reach it all? How long does it take to wash that paint off? I’m still so curious but i’ll move on.

One thing that was hard for me to get used to is the smog. You’re outside walking around and breathing but its not fresh air. Too many cars putting the stuff out, and the buildings keeping it in. Somebody needs to figure that situation out. Until then I’ll keep my trees and mountain air, their nice.

Photo: Frankie Cavone

Something that’s really cool about the city is that you can always find something to do. Shortly after walking out of our hotel room, we were in a crowd of people waiting to meet Michael Cera! He never showed up but it was cool to almost meet him. But if you’re someone who likes to always do things like go out to the bars, see different types of shows, and go to events and things, the city is a place for you.

Upstate New York is far different then New York City. People are also very different though. I prefer the quiet life up in the mountains, relaxing by the lake or going for a drive through country roads is my cup of tea. But I see why some people prefer the city life as well. I feel adventure is never far in the city. It’s a place known all around the world and it kind of has a culture of its own. The city is an amazing place, it just isn’t for everybody.

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