Pantera Drummer Vinnie Paul Dies In His Sleep

Pantera Drummer Vinnie Paul Dies In His Sleep

Pantera, Damageplan and Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott suffered a massive heart attack and passed away in his sleep Friday, June 22nd. Vinnie Paul is one of the most respected metal drummers to ever play. His family told TMZ that he passed away while staying at his home in Las Vegas, NV.

Vinnie Paul and his brother Dimebag Darrell started Pantera along with Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo in 1981. Their innovative new sound caught on with the release of the album “Cowboys From Hell” in 1990. The group released monumental hits including “Walk,” “Revolution Is My Name,” and much more. The band laid the path to what metal music is today. In 2003, Pantera broke up and the Abbott brothers(Vinnie and Dimebag) started a project called Damageplan. The group lasted until December 8th 2004 when Dimebag Darrell Abbott was fatally shot by a disturbed fan while playing on stage.

Vinnie Paul will be remembered by fans, musicians and artists all around the world. Kiss lead singer Paul Stanley paid tribute to the late drummer via Twitter, “So sad to hear of the death of Vinnie Paul. Loved when Pantera did shows with us and in later years Vinnie was always front and center at all KISS shows. RIP and condolences to his family.”

Please take some time and listen to some of Vinnie Paul’s heaviest contributions to Pantera:

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