Formula 5 Treats Fans To A Hometown Show In Lake George

Formula 5 Treats Fans To A Hometown Show In Lake George

Formula 5 made its way back home last Friday night at King Neptunes in Lake George, New York. The band decided to treat their fans to three sets. They opened up with a Bob Dylan classic, “Tangled up in Blue” followed by “Catch Me,” from their sophomore album Edging On Catastrophe. Next saw light to “The Clear” which smoothly transitioned into “Sneaking Sally Through the Alley.” Formula 5 ended their set with a Matt Richards led, “Blue.”

After a brief set break, the band teased 5:15, a The Who& J.J. Cale original followed by a monstrous “Figure Out a Feeling” from their latest album All Points North. Later in the set, Formula 5 played one of their newer songs “Breaking Glass.” The set ended with another original “Q&A.”

The last set began with a version of “Sad Bed” that reached a 40 minute length time. Guitarist Joe Davis teased Helicopters right before the beds heavy jam. Formula 5 then played “Trout 1” into “After Midnight” which then transitioned into “Trout 2.” The band came back on for an encore and played out the night with another All Points North tune, “Come Along.”

Set 1: Tangled up in Blue*, Catch me, The Clear-> Sneakin Sally Through the Alley^->Blue

Set 2: 5:15** intro->Figure Out a Feeling, Booher’ Pass, Breaking Glass, Q&A

Set 3: Sad Bed$ (Helicopters tease by joe before jam) Trout 1 -> After Midnight& -> Trout 2
Encore: Come Along

*Bob Dylan
^ Allen Toussaint
** The Who & J.J. Cale
$ 40 minutes long

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