Leaded To Unleaded Cruise In [Recap Video] (Troy, NY)

Leaded To Unleaded Cruise In [Recap Video] (Troy, NY)

Regardless to the make or model an individual chooses to drive, there’s one thing all car enthusiasts will agree on; and that’s that your car is your most valuable companion. From spending countless time, work and large amounts of cash on custom body work and aftermarket mods; your car becomes an extension of yourself. With your car being a literal expression of who you are, there’s one things enthusiasts love to do and thats to show the world your hard work by bringing your baby to a cruise in.

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Leaded to Unleaded Cruise-In was held at 1945 Speed And Custom in Troy, New York. The entirety of  River St. was closed down to accommodate the enormous traffic the event brought to the city.   Locals consider it to be one of the best car shows that  the Capital Region has to offer.


The Mirth Films team attended the event, and brings the public a recap of some of the events that unfolded that morning. Watch the video below:

There will be another cruise in hosted at the same venue on May 28th.

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