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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Confirmed Characters, Stages, and More!

Super Smash Bros has been an icon since its initial release in January of 1999. The critically acclaimed game  features playable characters for Nintendo’s franchise history. From Mario, to your favorite Pokemon the game  became instantly popular and almost two decades later still gathers a dedicated and  following. Ultimate will include be a staggering variety of characters in, with a

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Xbox has announced that they plan to release an adaptive controller that will open the world of gaming to individuals with limited mobility. The controller is the first of its kind with dozens of employees across Microsoft, from engineers to product testers, pitching their ideas on what those with limited mobility require most in a device. The idea for the

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Session: The Next Best Skateboarding Game

Writer: Doug Quimby Since Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in the late 1990’s, skateboarding video games have been a great way to get skateboarding out into the world. The Tony Hawk Series created by Neversoft and Activision were all amazing games. My favorites were American Wasteland and Underground. At that time they felt like the most real a skateboarding game could

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