Recap: Marcus Rezac Single Release Party at Cohoes Music Hall

Recap: Marcus Rezac Single Release Party at Cohoes Music Hall

Photos: Tammie Birdwell

On Saturday, March 18th, Marcus Rezak stopped by Cohoes Music Hall in Cohoes, NY to celebrate the release of his single Guitar Head. Rezak is a genius — not only musically, which is undeniable, but he is also a band builder, unlike anything I have ever seen before. Every time I have seen this man play, it is with a different band. But each time every band member has been a master of his craft. And Saturday night’s show was no different.

What’s truly mind-numbing is the fact that these guys sounded like they have been playing together for decades. But no — in fact, most of them didn’t even practice together until an hour before the show started.

Adrian Tramontano

Adrian Tramontano was on drums. Tramontano is one of the busiest drummers in the music scene right now. In addition to playing with Rezak on Saturday night, Tramontano also plays with Twiddle, Marble Eyes, The Breakfast, Mihali, and Kung Fu. There is a reason everyone wants this man behind the kit — he is one of the best drummers you’re ever going to get the pleasure of listening to.

Ray Paczowski

Ray Paczowski was on keys for Rezak. Again, one of the busiest men in the business. Fresh off tour with the Trey Anastasio Band, Paczowski and Rezak played off of each other as though they have been doing so for decades, instead of just hours. If you missed Paczowski on Saturday night, don’t fret — he is playing with Lamp at Lark Hall on Saturday, March 25th.

Felix Pastorius

Felix Pastorius finished out the lineup — he was playing the bass. While I had heard everyone else up on that stage before, until Saturday night I had never gotten to hear Pastorius. After the show, Pastorius explained he “sort of plays with everyone.” And much like Tramontano, I completely understand why Pastorius is in high demand. His skills on the bass matched the skills of everyone else up on that stage. Again, he and the rest of the members played off of one another as though they had decades of practice, not hours.

If you missed this incredible show, the only thing I can tell you is that you definitely don’t want to miss the next one. No matter who he is playing with Rezak brings the heat and packs a stage with talent that is going to blow your mind.


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