Video: HANZOLO Live From The Palace Theatre

Video: HANZOLO Live From The Palace Theatre

Photos: Frankie Cavone

We have teamed up with NYS Music to bring you Hanzolo Live from The Palace! No this is not Palace Sessions, just a one off but it felt amazing to be back in the Palace Theatre lobby with all our video gear. Hanzolo performed a full set of incredible music in celebration of the band winning the 2022 NYS Music March Madness competition. Hanzolo is based out of Cooperstown has been rising up the ranks over the last few years leaving a big impression across New York and below.

The band has elements of funk, alt-rock and R&B which has give them a very original and unique sound. Check out their full performance from the Palace Theatre lobby in Albany, NY below:


New Intro // Overit, Go Back, Showboating, Driving Thru a Tunnel, Head Down, LoRy, Ordinary Soul, Don’t Walk Away, Flanth House, Flavor I Found


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