KISS Releases “Navy Strength” Cold Gin

KISS Releases “Navy Strength” Cold Gin

Photo: KISS Kollection

You wanted the best, you got the best, Kiss has just released the “Navy Strength” version of their signature ‘Cold Gin’ alcohol line. Guitarist Paul Stanley stated via press release, “Now it really is ‘Cold Gin time.’ If gin is your thing, then this is the one to bring. Like the song, this one’s a classic!”

The liquor is now on sale for roughly $39.99 and is 700 mL of 57 percent ABV gin. The band is also offering a promotion where if you order a bottle, it will come with one of four limited edition guitar picks. KISS also has other versions of alcohol including a few different kinds of rum. There is also a regular version of their Cold Gin that is New York Style and has 40 percent alcohol measuring up to 500 mL. Click here to learn more about KISS’ alcoholic beverages and watch a live version of the band playing “Cold Gin” below:


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