Recap: Josh Casano Takes You home to The Strand Theatre in Hudson Falls, NY

Recap: Josh Casano Takes You home to The Strand Theatre in Hudson Falls, NY

Photos and Words by Derick Borst

Josh Casano played The Strand Theatre in Hudson Falls, New York 4/21/2022. This was a venue debut for the Capital Region singer-songwriter, who is no stranger to the region having performed at the Eastbound Jesus’ hosted Eastbound Throwdown just down the road in Salem, NY. 

Josh has been writing and performing all over the Northeast for more than a decade. His schedule is commendable and seeing him in a theatrical setting was a real treat. Josh’s American Songwriter style leans folk when you remove him from a raging, cover-soaked bar gig.  His catalog is full of originals that have deep grooves, interesting guitar riffs and always tell a story that is true to his experiences. 

Josh has started recording his debut album with his band Josh Casano & The Fam, audience members were treated to a handful of those songs alongside a few select covers. The music all night was full and dynamic, with Josh showcasing his loop-station mastery. His Gibson acoustic guitar sang all night when he leaned into solos. Being a classical trained guitarist, his wah’d out leads over The Grateful Dead’s “Fire On the Mountain” were next level. 

Be sure to check him out at SingleCut Brewery for their Sunday Session, and this summer at Nippertown’s Nipperfest. Check out photos below from Josh Casano live at The Strand Theatre, Hudson Falls, New York.

Setlist: Greater Kind of Love, For The Love, Shore of My Content, Home, Echo Your Heart, My Superhero, Ambrey(Evelyn’s Song), The Weight, Fire on the Montain, Slow Jam, You Said Hi



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