RECAP: The Lizards Replicate the Feeling We Forgot in Albany, NY

RECAP: The Lizards Replicate the Feeling We Forgot in Albany, NY

Photos: Frankie Cavone

The Lizards, a Phish tribute band from Toronto, ON brought their act to The Hollow Bar + Kitchen in Albany, NY over the weekend playing two sets of amazing songs perfectly replicating the music we all miss seeing live.

With large level shows not being able to happen due to the current climate we live in, it is more important now than ever to have cover bands like the Lizards. In a world where there is thousands of Grateful Dead cover bands with all different flavors, there is really only a handful that are able to master the tone and sound when it comes to Phish.

Not only was this band able achieve this, they were the first Phish cover band I have heard that sticks to the script when it comes to the jams, way songs are performed and again the sound. I found myself comparing guitarist Rich Grossman’s tone to Trey Anastasio’s the whole night because of how identical the style of playing was.

Another great example of the authenticity of The Lizards is their approach to make sure that signature parts of songs are done properly. During “Roggae,” we received bass bombs from Mike Meusel during the quiet transitional part which lit up the crowd and sent chills down their back.

If I could compare the band to any era it would be the Bakers Dozen era. Very dialed in and overall a well balanced band. In fact, I could have sworn I heard a tease of the Bakers Dozen “Chalkdust Torture” jam in one of The Lizards jams from the weekend. While I could go on about incredibly sounding this band is, I encourage everyone to check them out for yourselves.

We at Mirth Films hope we get to see more dates from these guys in the Northeast over time. Check out the setlist and photos from The Lizards two set performance at The Hollow in Albany, NY below:


Set 1: Punch You In The Eye, Magilla, Poor Heart, Julius > Reba > Timber > Tela > Roggae, First Tube

Set 2: Runaway Jim > Carini > We Are Come To Outlive Our Brains > Prince Caspian > Waves > David Bowie(with Simpsons Signal)

Encore: Boogie on Reggae Woman, Contact



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