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For our last interview in our Quarantined series, we decided to talk to photographer Isa Rose. We came across Isa’s work in early 2019 and have been a fan ever since! Not only is she a talented photographer, she’s a singer, writes poetry and creates on other wave lengths as well. Check out the full interview below!

What has Isa Rose been up to since the impact of COVID-19?
This quarantine time has been very interesting and expansive. It began with introspection. Looking at what I wanted to accomplish in this time when my only obligation is to myself and time spent at home. I started listening to a manifestation podcast entitled To Be Magnetic and it launched me into valuable manifestation work. I was able to redefine my goals regarding my photography. I’m looking to create a deeper connection with my subjects which begins with a deeper connection to myself.

What things have you been doing to keep yourself busy?
I’ve been investing my time into video work. It’s been on my mind to learn and enhance the skill. My roommate has always wanted to create her own cooking show. Now seemed as good a time as any! She speaks italian and cooks italian. We’ve produced four episodes of “Che cosa ci vuoi fare” (Whatta ya gonna do!) It’s a common Italian phrase like “Let go and let live.” During this quarantine, we wanted to express to people the joys of cooking and how it can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Not to mention, my roommates personality is extremely cheerful and she brings light to her audience.

What do you like most about writing poetry?
Poetry is an extremely therapeutic form of expression. I’ve always wanted the ability to write poetry, but I felt stunted by the task. It was only recently it seemed to flow out of me.

What are some of your favorite concerts that you have photographed?
Great question! I’ve photographed a lot of festivals at this point. Late night cabin sets are gold! One set that stands out to me is Freekbass featuring Sammi Garrett and Greg Sanderson from Turkuaz. What a dynamic and fun performance. Speaking of Turkuaz, I LOVE every one of their performances! The Alchemystics are also a favorite of mine. I’ve photographed them at Camp Creek as well as Ziontific.
What are some bucket list bands/artists you want to photograph?
Easy! Tedeschi Trucks Band is my all time favorite band and top of my photography bucket list. Brandi Carlile is a close second. I brought my camera to her free concert in Prospect Park, but there’s nothing like being on the other side of the barrier.

How has COVID-19’s impact on the live music/entertainment industry affected you?
Corona has impacted the festival season dramatically. I was scheduled to work two festivals, I was hoping for a third when the virus hit. I put the outreach on hold with bands and hope to hit the pavement again in 2021.

Do you have any advice for creatives struggling?
My advice is to redirect the energy. Figure out where and how you can create art that can translate to screen. All audiences are consuming art online and it’s a matter of figuring out how to shape your work into that form. That’s why my video work has come to fruition in the last couple months.

What was coming up for you in the coming months prior to the impact of COVID-19?
I was scheduled to photograph Strange Creek for the third year in the row. I was also scheduled to photograph Ziontific for the second year in the row. My hope was to join the Camp Creek team as well.

How did you get into concert photography?
As a singer and concert festival goer, I thought it would be interesting to take pictures where I often spend my free time. I remember my first experience was a Cabin Fever concert at Sully’s in Connecticut. It could not have had worse lighting, but I was determined to figure out how to take pictures practically in the dark. I was enthralled by the challenge and it was only up from there!

What things do you miss the most with having to social distance?
I miss hugs and dance partners! If you know me at all, I am a very physical and intimate person. I love to be close to people. I like to connect with people. Dance with people. The energy that’s created between music and its audience I sorely miss. It brings out a love and connection that is magnetic.

What music has been getting you through these stressful times?
As mentioned before, I’ve started investing my time in introspection and manifestation work. That has a lot to do with meditation. I meditate almost every day. I journal about this work and it’s that reflection that allows me to stay positive. I live presently and feel a great deal of gratitude for my health, home, and happiness.

When going out and about, what precautions are you taking with social distancing?
I try not to go out unless it’s for a hike or a necessary trip to the grocery store. I am a home-body at heart and relish the opportunity to be home and enjoying the peace it offers.

What’s next for Isa Rose?
I’m working on combining my passion for content creation and desire to help people. It’s pushed me to explore life coaching and how it can compliment my creative nature. I’ll be starting a holistic coaching program and begin my blog about developing a career in the fields of coaching and content creation.

How can people support what you are doing?
If you’re career-focused and ambitious looking to better focus your direction, please reach out. I’m looking for people to enroll in my beta program. This will help me develop my course work and how I can better serve people in the areas of creativity and decision making.


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