RECAP: Perpetual Groove at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY

RECAP: Perpetual Groove at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY

Georgia jam-rock quartet Perpetual Groove continued their 2019 fall tour Thursday night with a stop at the Putnum Place in Saratoga Springs. Supporting their recently released self-titled album, their first full-length record since 2009, guitarist/vocalist Brock Butler, keyboardist Matt McDonald, bassist Adam Perry, and drummer Albert Suttle treated concert goers to an intimate performance featuring most of the new album and a healthy mix of P-Groove classics; just the right balance of something old and something new.

Albany indie-jam upstarts Glass Pony got the show going a little after 9pm.  After a strong set of original material, some of its members would later note how significant this gig was for them, as they clearly have been long time listeners of their jam scene elders.  After a very brief set break, P-Groove came ready to play, leaving many fans scurrying to get back inside!

An attention grabbing Holy Ship>Playground>Orange Wedge>Playground sandwich kicked of the set, followed by the capital regions first taste of the new album, an Upswing>Spirit Bear combo.  Sun Dog, Down In and an ‘erotic touch’ version of TTFPJ came next.  Rounding out the lengthy single set show was the fan favorite Teakwood Betz and a pair of two more new tunes, Break the Silence>A. Retro.

Perpetual Groove would return to the stage for a three song encore. starting with an emotional take on Part 3, a song which deals with the loss of Brock’s sister.  From there, the band nicely segued into a cover of David Bowie‘s Heroes, and finally wrapped up the memorable evening with the P-Grove classic Space Paranoids.

Perpetual Groove’s fall tour continues on Saturday, October 19th, with a performance at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont.  For a full list of tour dates, head to the bands website at



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