Volbeat Stops Concert During First Song in Ireland

Volbeat Stops Concert During First Song in Ireland

(Photo: Vinny Otto)

Modern metal-rock act Volbeat cut their show very short during their performance in Belfast, Ireland on October 3rd. It all happened during the first song of the show when they opened up with “Pelvis on Fire.” During the song, frontman Michael Poulson walked off the stage with the band following his lead. The band came out 10 minutes later to try again with no success and walked back off. An announcement was made shortly after that the show had been cancelled leaving fans mind boggled. Volbeat made a statement via social media about the Belfast:

We in Volbeat want to extend our most heartfelt apologies for having to cancel tonight’s show in Belfast. As many of you know, Michael has been having some throat issues and we ran into multiple technical issues on stage that prevented the band from being able to hear each other play. While he has mostly recovered his voice at this point, it was decided that had he continued to play the show this way he would have risked blowing out his voice again and having to cancel even more shows. We’re gutted that we weren’t able to perform for you tonight, but we will be back to reschedule the show as soon as we possibly can.


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