Viewpoints’ “Nothing Against You” is pop-punk perfection

Viewpoints’ “Nothing Against You” is pop-punk perfection

Photo by Danny DeRusso.

August 1st saw the release of Viewpoints newest EP, Nothing Against You, and it is nothing short of pop-punk perfection. The five-piece band from Albany, NY (made up of Mike, Dane, Chris, Adam and Dustin) started up back in 2016, and has seen growth and changes that are highlighted in Nothing Against You.

The EP starts with “Broken Home”, a great opening track that was also released as a single back in 2018 (track number 3, “Lately”, was also released as a single that same year). The upbeat-yet-melancholy theme about lost love and finding yourself in tough times is carried through the entirety of the album. Every track, from “Cold” to closer, “Weight”, has different feel and meaning without diverting from Viewpoints’ signature sound. 

The production on Nothing Against You is wonderfully clean, and is a great followup to the band’s 2016 debut EP, The Feelings We’ve Outgrown. The polished and precise sound on the sophomore Nothing pins down the perfect balance of honesty, optimism and sadness — three ingredients that make great pop-punk. This is perfect for fans of Fireworks, The Wonder Years, and fellow Albany-bred bands State Champs and Young Culture.

Nothing Against You is available on all major streaming platforms. Follow Viewpoints on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on their upcoming shows and releases. 

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