Vaporeyes Release Self Titled Album With New Guitarist Patrick Tierney

Vaporeyes Release Self Titled Album With New Guitarist Patrick Tierney

(Writer: Valentin Villaluz)

On July 28th, Vaporeyes released their 6th album, self titled Vaporeyes. The album was tracked and mixed with Steve Sopchak at “More Sound Syracuse” and mastered by Jason “Jocko” Randall. Randall is known for his work on album with Dopapod, Turkuaz, Jimkata, Root Shock and many more. Vaporeyes is available for streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and GooglePlay. A limited run of CD’s will be available for purchase by clicking here.

The album features Jonas Reddy-Nickolson on Keyboard, Sean Cadley on Drums, Shannon Zory on Bass and newest member Patrick Tierney (Baked Potatoes) on guitar. “Vaporeyes” is a 5 track album intended to give listeners a sneak peak at a live Vaporeyes” performance, with all the advantages of studio equipment and mastering.


Founding member Reddy-Nickolson told Mirth Films, “We really wanted this album to be flowing and accessible to fans of many genres. Our hope was if people start listening to the first track, they stick around until the very end. We wanted it to be varied and dynamic, yet succinct and deliberate enough to not overstay its welcome.”

Guitarist Tierney first came in during a 2017 spring tour to fill in for Jim Tynan, who left Vaporeyes to pursue another career. Filled with a new creative inspiration, the band asked Tierney to stay on full time. It was on this tour that the 4th track of “Vaporeyes” was first conceived, “Cloudblazer”.

When listening to Vaporeyes, expect to get lost in high energy grooves that want drive you like a sports car on a newly paved road. Each track flows into the next making it easy to get lost in the signature Vaporeyes psychedelic jam fusion.

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