MUST WATCH: “Life on Earth Show” Web Series

MUST WATCH: “Life on Earth Show” Web Series

(Writer: Frankie Cavone)

If you are looking for a fresh comedy web series to watch, something that creates the perfect blend of raunchiness and creativity, Life on Earth Show is something you need to watch. The show is about a toy alien named Sammy Singer who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis living as a celibate hermit in New York City. He is not confident with the women and starts to think he will never get out of his own personal hell.

After a trip to the doctors office, the doc prescribes him medication to get out of the funk so he can make up for all the lost time. But let me tell you, time was all made up for Sammy Springer the second he stepped out of the doctors after he goes on a spree of dates with women and finds him self “satisfied” once again.

Life on Earth Show was created by Nydia and Uri of Think Happy Media and was based off of one of Uri’s novels. The husband and wife duo then decided to produce a trailer into it which ended up becoming the pilot episode. The first episode was so well received that they decided to turn it into a web series. Their ultimate goal with this is give Life On Earth Show a permanent home on one of the many major streaming services to maximize the viewership of the series. Help support Nydia and Uri by going and checking out the web series and telling friends all about it. Click here.



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