Review: See You Yesterday

Review: See You Yesterday

(Writer: Doug Quimby)

See You Yesterday is a movie about two teenagers, Claudette ‘CJ’ Walker (Eden Duncan-Smith) and Sebastian Thomas (Dante Crichlow), and their journey of creating a time machine. What sets this time travel movie apart from the others is that follows two african american teenagers and a real struggle that their community is facing, police brutality. After some events, CJ’s brother gets wrongfully killed by the police. Trying to save her brother, CJ and her friend Sebastian keep changing the future in devastating ways.

See_You_Yesterday_01.0.jpg(Photo: The Verge)

It’s a time travel movie, so it goes by the time travel rule book. If you go back in time and and change even the smallest thing, it can have a huge unintended consequence in the future. That concept is done perfectly here. Yes every jump leads to a new problem, but it’s ones you don’t see coming that leave you on the edge of your seat.

Although See You Yesterday checks most of the time traveling boxes, its story is so real that it seems believable. It really grasps the idea of loss and what one would go through to try and bring a loved one back. If they had a time machine at least!

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