REVIEW | John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

REVIEW | John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

(Writer: John Bryce)

            That’s right dog lovers; the patron saint of K-9s is back with an all new gruesome, revenge fueled killing spree. Who you ask? Well the boogie man himself, Baba Yaga in the flesh. The last thing men see before they take their last breath. I’m speaking of course, about the unstoppable John Wick played by Keanu Reeves. The third chapter in the John Wick story, in my humble opinion, is an action movie masterpiece that really answers the question, how crazy can this get? Also the more important question, what exactly does it take to kill John Wick?

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            From beginning to end the movie is a non-stop slaughter fest while somehow continuing to build on both the mysterious protagonists back story, and the spooky world he lives in. Parabellum wastes no time, picking up roughly 30 minutes after the second chapter. We come in to our favorite mass killer trying to escape New York City and a 14 million dollar bounty. With his back against the wall, in a city of the world’s most dangerous people, John Wick is at the very top of his game. Waves of poor souls that think they stand a chance against the devil himself try their very hardest to swarm him and collect the bounty, but we all know they should have just left it alone. In classic John Wick fashion he cut them all down with new creative ways to kill people. From a showdown with an expansive knife collection to the use of horse kicks to crush some faces. I mean really, it like none of these assassin dudes saw the first two movies. If they had they wouldn’t have been so beautifully put down by the best of the best.

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            But gruesome violence isn’t the only selling point; we also get a fresh look into John Wicks back story. If you’re a fan of the series, like me, you know that while John Wick is a real mysterious guy, the organization he formerly worked for is even more so. For the first two movies all you really know about them is these spooky gold coins, like John Wick, can do anything. Sometimes you use them as payment, sometimes they open doors in brick walls. By the end of Parabellum however we get too see where John was raised and maybe even what happened to his family. We also get to see how large this society really is with John Wick traveling across the world to see and old friend played by Halle Berry. I won’t give you too many spoilers but they totally have some chemistry.  *pssst* She’s a dog person.

            All in all, John Wick 3 delivered. It had a great story and some of the most beautifully shot fight scenes you’ve ever seen. If you look carefully they use very long shots during the fights. I know that seems  like a small detail but it really intensifies the suspense of the situation and really keeps you in the movie as opposed to the quick cut fight scenes were used to seeing in things like the MCU. I love a Black Widow fight scene as much as the next guy but they got to admit all those quick shots coming at you like that gets exhausting. It seems like the people agree with me too because John Wick actually beat out Avengers: Endgame at the box office. Thus proving, there’s nothing John Wick can’t kill.



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