SoundCloud: A New Scene for Scene Kids

SoundCloud: A New Scene for Scene Kids

(Writer: Deanna Bushey)

In the age of a constantly growing and changing internet culture, trends often come and go. Other times, they fall into other parts of the internet where they continue to exist long after other people have forgotten about them. Many people remember that in the early 2000’s social media was heavily influenced by scene/emo culture. Think: teased hair, thick eyeliner, stripes, too many bracelets, all very colorful but at the same time edgy and angsty. Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and My Chemical Romance are all bands that stand out as truly representative of this subculture that social media brought to the public eye. During this time, music from artists like Hollywood Undead and Eminem grew in popularity, little did we know they were precursors to what was to come. As a result of the increasing inclusion of many subcultures into the mainstream, we have finally entered a new era of “emo” music. It’s called SoundCloud Rap.

soundcloud-rap.jpeg(Photo: Complex)

Music appears to be the prime focus of emo culture, but in reality it goes much deeper than that. Often, “scene” kids gravitate towards this culture due to the idea that is a place of acceptance with deeper, more meaningful lyrics and people. It is an escape from the mainstream for those who feel the mainstream hasn’t accepted them. Oftentimes, there is a strong desire to just be different. This mindset is the true core of “emo culture”.

Social media has grown and changed from its 2000’s boom. Now it is a place where anyone and everyone can find a place to express their interests, find other people with similar interests, and access new information or work by artists with ease. Since the early 2000’s, there has been a strong presence online of emo culture and scene kids. However, it is starting to look like a change is coming to the stereotypical scene kids. Due to the ease of accessing various types of music, new musicians are drawing inspirations from various types of artists in varying genres. New music is becoming increasingly interesting as there is a popular space for anyone to post the music they create. The emo culture has slowly begun making its way into rap music via SoundCloud.

1502816093_a335c651b3e58d3cc69271cf5316f602.jpg(Photo: HotNewHipHop)

Some “SoundCloud Rappers” have already found their way to fame. The “emo-rap” style can be seen being done in the mainstream by artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, and Lil Xan. However, the roots of this sub-genre is where things get interesting. “Sad rap” is a term commonly used to describe the music created by this type of SoundCloud rappers due to the lyrical content. The lyrics are heavily influenced by the current opioid crisis, depression and anxiety, and emotional issues. This lyrical style reflects that of punk rock, metal, and alternative music, and naturally this is appealing to the traditional emo kids.

Sad Rap is the result of the blending of internet subcultures and has taken the mainstream by storm. SoundCloud has brought new and interesting music to the mainstream and become a space for innovative sound and creativity to flourish. It seems that the emo scene has found a home here too. The possibilities are endless when it comes to growing and expanding the music industry.


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