Formula 5 Releases Live Album From Palace Theatre Performance

Formula 5 Releases Live Album From Palace Theatre Performance

Formula 5 has just released their newest live album titled “Live at the Palace Theatre” from their performance at the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY November 23rd, 2018. This was a monumental show for the band not only due to the stage size and being the opener for the Disco Biscuits, but Albany is also the bands hometown. Prior to their show at the Palace Theatre, every single year Formula 5 would play an annual Black Friday show at The Hollow but this time it was across the street with a much bigger capacity. Not only did they get to play the Palace Theatre, they also had a stellar performance that received great reactions from the crowd.

The group played a five-song set that was carefully selected by the members each being a great representation of Formula 5’s sound. The first song, “In the Sand” has a light beginning that gets more and more epic throughout the tune. Matt Richards is on vocals for this one and happens to be the writer as well. Next up is “Sad Bed” from their album All Points North. This song is one of their more heavier played tunes and was a great selection to play especially in front of the Disco Biscuits fan base. The groove never stopped and went right into Booher’s pass. Next up was another new song called “Gettin’ Tough Again” led by Joe Davis. This song is aggressive, guitar driven and lyrically one of my favorites! Formula 5’s last track was another Matt Richards original “Breaking Glass.” This song has multiple sections to it and really displays each band members talents. Check out the track list below and head over to their Spotify to listen to “Live at the Palace Theatre” today!

Track List:

1: In the Sand
2: Sad Bed
3: Booher’s Pass
4: Gettin’ Tough Again
5: Breaking Glass




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