Funky Ice Fest at the Adirondack Pub & Brewery

Funky Ice Fest at the Adirondack Pub & Brewery

The Adirondack Pub & Brewery in Lake George, New York will be hosting the Funky Ice Fest on January 25th-26th, and February 1st-2nd 2019. The Funky Ice Fest is a great winter event that will feature multiple ice bars, interactive ice sculptures, a 70’s themed dance party, an ice-art gallery and bonfires to keep you warm! Food and drinks will include Adirondack Brewery beer and beverages made from local spirits, as well as a nostalgia-inspired food truck menu.

There will also be many kids games throughout the festival for children to play with. Admission is free and the festival starts January 25th at 4PM and will resume the 26th at 3PM. If this weekend doesn’t work for you they’ll be doing it again the following weekend starting Friday February 1st at 4PM and then the 2nd at 3PM. Additional information can be found on the Adirondack Pub & Brewery Facebook page.


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