Dead and Company Makes A Stop at SPAC

Dead and Company Makes A Stop at SPAC

Writer: Doug Quimby

Dead and Company stopped at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga, New York on June 11th during their summer tour returning to the venue for the third consecutive year. To open the show up, the band played crowd favorite “Jack Straw.” Then they broke into “Easy Wind,” followed by “Friend of the Devil” and topping it off  with “New Minglewood Blues.” Keeping the jams flowing, Dead and Company played “Ship of Fools” which led to a “Corrina.” They closed out the set with “Cassidy.” It was truly a grooving first set but the show wasn’t over yet.

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Coming back out, Dead and Company opened the set with a The Band cover “The Weight.” Then they teased “The Other One” before sending it into “Truckin’.” The band then slowed down the tempo for a smooth “He’s Gone” and then bringing it back up with “New Speedway Boogie” into “Uncle John’s Band.” After a Drums and Space jam, they went back into the ending of “Uncle John’s Band” that led to “Black Peter” finally closing out the set with a rocking “Good Lovin’.” The “Touch of Grey” encore was a great cherry on top for the out of this world show they put on at SPAC. Dead and Company is really killing it this summer and are a definite must see this year.

Dead and Company at SPAC 6-11-2018 (14 of 17).jpg

Set 1: Jack Straw, Easy Wind > Friend of the Devil, Minglewood Blues, Ship of Fools, Corrina, Cassidy

Set 2: The Weight, Other One Jam > Truckin’ > He’s Gone > New Speedway Boogie > Uncle John’s Band > Supplication Jam > Drums/Space > Uncle John’s Band, Black Peter > Good Lovin’

Encore: Touch of Grey

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