Lithe Skateboards Starts Mass Production For Innovative New Deck

Lithe Skateboards Starts Mass Production For Innovative New Deck

If you’re a skater then you probably know how good a skating brand new deck is. You pop higher, your getting your tricks down, and then all of a sudden you bail or slip out and your board goes flying straight into a ledge or a rail. Now your nose or tail has a chip in it. But you keep skating on it and soon your board starts getting razor tail and it has lost a lot of its pop. Eventually it snaps and then you buy yet another 40-60 dollar skateboarding deck. The the cycle repeats itself and it will become very expensive in the long run. But one company may have a solution to that problem.

Lithe has come out with a carbon fiber skateboard called the Slate 2 and I think it might change the game. It has 2 carbon fiber inlays surrounding a maple wood core for that authentic wood skateboard feel but lighter, more durable, and increased pop. Then they added a Hybrid-Polymer around the nose and tail to make it almost impossible to chip and is very resistant to razor tail. Lithe says that this board lasts 6x longer than a regular skateboard. From 2011 to 2013, they were working out all the bugs and trying different materials and ideas to come up with this board. In 2014, they came out with their first prototype which are now in full production. The cost of the board is around 170 dollars.

When the Slate 2 drops, we will be reviewing the board to see if it can stand the test of time and most importantly perform as well as a regular skateboard deck. You can check out their website for more info and to preorder if you want one by clicking here.

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