Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials

Writer: Doug Quimby

With winter coming to an end and warm weather around the corner, it’s time to start getting prepared for upcoming road trips. Whether it’s for a concert, moving, festival, or a vacation, a lot of people will be hitting the road soon and here at Mirth Films we’d like to give you some pointers to make your travels go smoothly.

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For me music is a big thing for a road trip, your going to be in a car for hours and hours, its best to have a solid playlist to keep you going. Mix CDs are always great especially since phone service can be iffy on the road. I personally keep downloaded music on my phone just in case I lose service, the jams can keep going. But nowadays people stream music online with services like Pandora and Spotify. I use Spotify because you can make a playlist and download it to your phone and can listen to it even if your phones on airplane mode.


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Depending on how long your trip is it may be wise to keep a small cooler somewhere in your vehicle for drinks and some snacks. You can always pick up a bag of ice at a gas station. Save some money and bring lunch meats and some bread so you won’t have to stop and find a place to eat a couple times a day which can also save you some time. And always bring a lot water, stay hydrated.


This could be a given but you definitely don’t want to take a wrong turn to the middle of nowhere. It’s not fun at all. Best thing to do is get a GPS that plugs into your car. You can put it right on the windshield and your eyes won’t have to be off the road to much to see where you got to go. And this also won’t use up data on your phone which is always nice.


If your going to be on the road for a couple days, bring a pillow or something to sit on. Sitting in the same seat for hours is going to start feeling uncomfortable, having some extra cushion is a game changer.

Odds and Ends:

Phone chargers and an adapter if needed to plug it into the car. Frisbee or something like that. You’ll want to get out and stretch a couple times, why not have a little fun when you do. Toilet Paper, cause if you have it you wont need it, but if you don’t, you may wish you did. Toothbrush and deodorant, no need to stink. And sunglasses no doubt. Make a list of things you think you mite need and check it off when packing, it always sucks when your miles from home and realize you forgot something.

With all these things you should be able to keep on truckin’ on your trip. If you get tired, no shame in pulling over and taking a nap, no need to get into in accident. Most important thing is to just be safe out there, follow the rules of the road and get to your destination. Safe travels everybody.

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