5 Favorite Episodes From It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

5 Favorite Episodes From It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Writer: Brett Porter

It’s crazy to think It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia debuted all the way back in late 2005. Over the course of eighteen years and sixteen seasons, we’ve watched the gang get into no shortage of ridiculous situations. Unlike the traditional sitcom model, Dennis, Dee, Mac, Charlie, and Frank constantly sink to new lows of human behavior, and I for one find it hysterical. Even though there’s more than 160 episodes at the time of writing this, I took it upon myself to share my five favorites. There’s a possibility for spoilers, so read with caution.

5. The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore, S7E2

Nostalgia’s a powerful tool. Our brains do this weird thing. I can’t explain the real science, but the brain makes certain things from our youth seem way better than they really were. Did we love our Playstation 2? Absolutely, but you’re smoking crack if you think it’s better than any current-generation console. Dennis and Dee have fond memories of summer vacations to the Jersey Shore. The Boardwalk, carnival rides, all that good stuff. Perhaps things changed since their childhood, but realistically speaking they probably just remembered it being fun, as opposed to actually being fun. The A plot is solid and of course, Frank and Mac’s saga with the Rum Ham is too funny to disregard.

4. CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games, S7E7

When every board game on the market sucks, the gang decided to take it upon themselves to make their own. A rainy day at the bar drives them to bust it out, and hilarity ensues. CharDee MacDennis arguably has the wildest rules of any known board game, encouraging binge drinking, lying, cheating, and at least on one occasion stealing. Winning the game of gamed gives you the privilege of destroying the opponents’ game piece. Charlie and Mac have never won, and in this episode they try their luck once more with a curious and motivated Frank joining the mix.

3. The Gang Beats Boggs, S10E1

Regardless of your level of baseball knowledge, most people know the name Wade Boggs. During a cross-country flight, it was rumored Boggs drank 107 beers and an entire rotisserie chicken. Following this legendary outing, he went 3/5 at the plate and defeated the Seattle Mariners. The gang, presumably bored, tested whether or not this feat was humanly possible. Mac served as the referee and beer counter while Charlie, Dennis, Dee, and Frank all gave it their best effort. Eventually Charlie is the last one standing, having downed 107 cold ones. He follows his libations up with a walk off homerun, proving there’s validity to the Wade Boggs story.

2. The Gang Wrestles for the Troops, S5E7

After watching old school clips of Hulk Hogan tearing up the WWF, Mac, Charlie, and Dennis decide to host their own wrestling show to honor troops returning home from the Middle East. Their efforts begin to fall flat when the only wrestler they hired gets arrested over unpaid parking tickets. In a pinch, they convince the former preacher Rickety Cricket to fill the spot. Watching the match collapse in real time is one of my favorite moments in the entire series. As the guys get blinded by sand, it seemed Cricket was about to take home the win, which was especially bad considering his character was a terrorist and the whole event was for the troops. Leave it to Frank to hit Cricket with a flying garbage can to secure the win for the USA, wrapping up the flurry of emotions in epic fashion. The B plot’s pretty funny as well. Dee’s online chat partner is a stud in the military and they finally meet. Overall a solid episode brother!

1. Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense, S8E10

This started out as an argument over who was at fault in a fender bender. Frank rear-ends Dennis at a red light. After closer inspection there’s no damage to the outside of Dennis’s car. The bowl of cereal he was eating at the time however, ruins his interior. This situation sparks a full fledged court sequence, with Mac becoming the residing judge. Somehow the focus shifts to a debate on evolution, opening the door to my favorite bit from the whole series: “Science is a Liar Sometimes.” There’s got to be absolutely zero legal precedent applied through this case, but what it lacks in accuracy, it makes up for in comedic value.

Well, that’s all I got for you. Until next time, thanks for reading another one of these random countdowns, and be on the lookout for the next.

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