5 Easy Hikes in Lake George, NY

5 Easy Hikes in Lake George, NY

Photos: Frankie Cavone

The Lake George region of the Adirondacks presents some of the best hikes in the Adirondacks for all skill levels. Today we are presenting five different hikes within a short drive from Lake George Village to check out for beginners. With so many hikes in the area, we wanted to filter out the easiest hikes that offer some of the best views.

Even with these hikes being on the easier side of things, we recommend to always hike with someone else and come prepared with proper shoes, water, small snacks and oh yeah, a camera! Check out our list below of five easy hikes to check out in the Lake George Village region below:

1. Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob

Address: Pilot Knob Rd, Fort Ann, NY 12827
Total Distance: 1.4 Miles(25 Minutes Each Way)

If there is any hike we recommend at first, it is the hike to Schumann’s Preserve at Pilot Knob. This is an entry level hike located on the east side of Lake George and is family friendly. This hike is gradual and takes no more than 25 minutes to get to the top. When arriving to the top, you are presented with a beautiful view of the lake along with a gazebo to relax, have lunch and look out upon. If you are feeling even more adventurous, you can hike one more mile to check out a waterfall.

2. Shelving Rock Falls

Address: Buttermilk Falls Road, Fort Ann, NY 12827
Total Distance: About a Mile(15-20 Minutes each way)

While this isn’t necessarily a hike up a mountain, we wanted to throw Shelving Rock Falls trail on the list due to the beautiful waterfall located within the wooded area of Log Bay. To get here, take route 149 all the way until you reach Buttermilk Falls road and take the road for about 25 minutes until you reach the parking lot. From here it takes no more than 20 minutes to get to the waterfall which you can view from either the top or bottom. While easy, we do recommend a good pair of hiking shoes or boots to avoid slipping on wet rocks. This is a perfect hike for photographers and even families to venture out on.

3. Pinnacle Mountain

Address: Edgecomb Pond Rd, Bolton Landing, NY 12814
Total Distance: 1.5 Miles(30 Minutes each way)

Pinnacle Mountain in Bolton Landing, NY is located just minutes outside of Lake George Village and while a short hike, is the first hike on the list with some steepness to it. This short hike is an upper-beginners hike that presents a beautiful view while feeling a burn. The hike itself takes no more than 20 minutes to get up and offers benches to sit and gaze out upon once you reach the top. At the top of The Pinnacle, you can look at Lake George in all directions.

4. Thomas Mountain

Address: 761 Valley Woods Rd Bolton, NY 12814
Total Distance: 2.8 Miles(About an hour each way)

This is the first hike on the list with some distance. Thomas Mountain also located in Bolton Landing, NY is roughly 20 mintues outside of Lake George Village takes roughly an hour to hike up. The hike is roughly 3 miles long and is gradual. This hike we recomennd stopping once or twice to catch your breath and take advantage of nature along the way. Once you get to the top, there are massive rock ledges that allow you to look out to a 180-degree angle of the lake and the valley of the Adirondacks. While this may not compare to the views at The Pinnacle or Pilot Knob, this is a great one to cross off the list.

5. Buck Mountain

Address: 1750 Pilot Knob Road, Fort Ann, NY
Distance: 3.3 Miles(About an hour each way)

Buck Mountain is the most challenging hike on the list with a total distance of roughly 3.3 miles. The hike towards the top gets to be steep but once completeled, offers gorgeous views on both ends of the lake. This is another hike to make sure you have good hiking shoes or boots to avoid slipping.


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