Album Review: ‘Live For Thrills | Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band

Album Review: ‘Live For Thrills | Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band

Writer: Brett Porter
Photo: Frankie Cavone

To anyone who knows me, you should know by now how I go hard for local music. Well, like five or six bands. The premiere one I keep a lookout for is Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band. At their roots, Joe and the gang are a ragtag group of renegade musicians trying to blow the doors off of whatever venue they’re playing and dampening the undergarments of everyone within earshot. I cannot say enough good things about how awesome of a band these guys are. With that in mind, here is the disclaimer I feel like will in some form of another always be included in my articles:

Brett Porter aka The Captain is not an expert in music by any means. The thoughts, views, reviews, and other music-pertinent content I write for Mirth Films is nothing more than my personal opinion and doesn’t reflect Mirth as a whole. Don’t yell at me and for the love of Christ don’t yell at Frankie. Got it? Great, let’s go.

The Midnight Revival Band dropped their fifth studio album, Live for Thrills recently, and at the time of writing this article had just had their release party just a few short hours prior. Was it lit? Of course, it’s Joe we’re talking about after all. The album itself has five tracks with about a 25 minute total run time start to finish. The five tracks on this album cover a wide variety of vibes in a short amount of time. With that in mind, I’m not gonna spoil an entire album for all of y’all, so I’ll take this time to talk about two of their songs.

The first song off the album, also titled Live for Thrills, seems to be Joe and the crew personifying the rockstar lifestyle. Reckless behavior, crazy partners, and all the wild stuff that comes with it. It’s one of those songs that can be minimistically described as a “screw it” type of jam. In addition to the driving lyrics, there’s no shortage of tasty guitar riffs to be heard in this roughly four minute banger.

The other song I would like to highlight is their ballad titled “Take it Easy”. Originally released as a single, Take it Easy has such a 1980s type of romanticism to it. I could almost see someone having this as their wedding song. Like many of the Midnight Revival Band’s songs, there are some great moments that isolate the talent of their keyboard player, Chris Becker. This is definitely one of those tracks. When these guys released their 2021 album “Renegade” I had described the sound as Joe going back in time to hook up with all our moms, and this song could have very well schmoozed most of our mothers at this time. Except my mom. So to keep this brief, listen to the album a few times. Notice how well the band reinvents themselves from album to album without veering too far from their outlaw roots, and reflect a bit on how relatable a lot of this can be. You can listen to Live For Thrills today on all streaming platforms. Click below to listen on Spotify:


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