LRG Brings Back It’s Skateboarding Program

LRG Brings Back It’s Skateboarding Program

Lifted Research Group aka. LRG was one of the most iconic skateboarding clothing companies in the 2000’s transcending into other industries including hip-hop. Over time, the company  fizzled out leaving skateboarding fans upset and scratching their heads on why this amazing company shut its doors.

Today, the company has announced its comeback to skateboarding culture with a complete brand relaunch all while getting back to their roots. The announcement became official with a video release announcing they were back through a retrospective video featuring the legendary Karl Watson who was the companies’ first professional rider.

Chico Brenes and Kelly Hart will also be joining the team. Learn more by clicking here and relive the LRG glory days with their full length video Gimme My Money Chico  below.

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