Recap: ‘Frends’ Gather For Memorial Meltdown 2022 in Lake George, NY

Recap: ‘Frends’ Gather For Memorial Meltdown 2022 in Lake George, NY

Writer: Shane Netski Sobriquet
Photos: Derrick Borst/Frankie Cavone

Twiddle & Frends’ Memorial Meltdown 2022 was an absolute success! “Frends” from near and far gathered at one of their favorite venues, the beautiful Charles R. Woods Park in Lake George, NY for two days of heartfelt music. Like the seasoned professionals they are, the ADK Crew made sure everyone could celebrate safely and happily in a family-oriented, fun-filled weekend of music and reunion.

Eager fans lined the gates early to get the best spots for their chairs and the rail. Thrifty collector’s nervously waited to rush the merch tables for the freshest new gear and art. The tapers scurried off to the sound tent to find the best spot to setup their recording equipment. Frends and Jam Family embraced in loving reunion with smiles. As everyone finished their chores and to-dos, it was time for the real excitement to start.

The musicians performed soulfully in a crescendo of love and energy over the weekend. Opening the festivities on Saturday, The Whiskey Dicks performed a perfectly flacid soft-rock experience to warm up the crowd. As they settled into their performance the crowd filled in the grassy dance floor. After breaking the ice they handed the stage off to the super group of talent known as Marble Eyes. Echoing rhythm and melody throughout Lake George, they summoned cheers from the crowd that could be heard at the Lake nearby.

Local legends, Lucid, played an energetic set filled with fan favorites. They even brought the family vibe on stage as Lowell Wurster welcomed his father to stage, as is tradition, to join the band with his harmonica. With the crowd energized and ready for the main event, concert-goers made their last-minute preparations.

The crowd was reminded that everyone’s favorite promoter, Dave Ehmann, was celebrating his birthday and to wish him a fantastic one as he made his rounds. The crowd, ready to release their best dance moves, cheered on as Twiddle took the stage. The band opened up with “Earth Mama”, a song everyone loves.

Twiddle’s current drummer, Adrian Tramontano, added fresh flare to classics, leading the band to new jam paths. Creatively exploring new sound for all to hear, they jammed to “Daydream Farmer” in a way not many have heard before. As the band settled into their groove together, the crowd joined along in song as “White Light” brought smiles and joyful hearts to the listeners.

One eagerly anticipated song, “Beautiful,” graced our ears for the first time. Without question, this is a fantastic new Twiddle song. Lyrics that can only bring peace, joy, and love are backed by gorgeous melody. Lightly, the rhythm section added new life to a brand new song. Well done boys!

As the band took a short break to hydrate and discuss battle tactics, some fans took advantage of support and community at the Daydream Farmers tent. The Daydream Farmers are a group of fans that promote sobriety and support for those that choose to experience shows as clear-minded as they are able. The festival this year was full of families with happy children running, dancing, and playing. A responsible flock of kind, caring, happy people isn’t too hard to support, yet they can find the support they need.

Twiddle did not disappoint for their second set. With a massive “jamwich,” they ignited the crowd with Enter > Orlando’s > Apples > Mamunes The Faun > Dr. Remidis Melodrium > Orlando’s. Showing off their new song “Breakadidown”, everyone jabbered about how much they loved it. Bringing the evening to a close, Twiddle pleased their fans with “Beethoven And Greene” and “Frankenfoote”, leaving fans full of positive energy before bed.

Sunday was a scorcher. Not only was the sun felt on everyone’s skin, the music was hot right from the start! Baked Shrimp opened the day with a youthful energy. Taking the stage theatrically, they got early risers ready to groove right from the start. Satisfying their fans’ requests, they made sure to play “Bird” as well as “Stamatopota” before they were through. After their set, they could be seen in the VIP area greeting fans new and old.

Sophistafunk added to the energy of the day with their pleasant blend of hip hop and funk. The lyrical style led many to let loose their bodies to the beat. The keyboardist laid down thick bass lines as the drummer held the beat. In a seamless transition of genre, Roots of Creation played their familiar reggae-infused music. The singer’s crisp voice called for One Love and Kindness to spread throughout the world.

Let me tell you folks, never miss a Sunday show! Twiddle brought us to church on night two! Starting out strong, Mihali sang “Collective Pulse” to his fans in gratitude. Reminding us of hardships and the hope of a better today, the crowd sang along to Lost In The Cold, one of Twiddle’s most popular songs. As they shifted to high gear, the crowd couldn’t help but dance to “Doinkinbonk”, “Too Many Puppies”, and “Zazu’s Flight. Before taking a short break, church-goers erupted in song as Twiddle played the Frend’s Theme. Large groups of friends gathered and hugged and bounced and sang in celebration of each other to their favorite band.

Twiddle’s final set for the weekend did not disappoint. One energetic song after another, they played songs many haven’t heard in over a year. In classic Twiddle tradition, they put us in the Wasabi Box, a sandwich of “Wasabi Eruption” and “The Box.” The visual performance of these two songs was incredible. The stage erupted into a rainbow of smoke and color as the crowd gasped in delight. The band took us on an adventure of rhythm and time as they jammed into “The Box.” The red lights silhouetted the band, illuminating Adrian’s body artfully hammering out a dance beat. Absolutely stunning visual performance to accompany the music.

Before leaving the festival grounds, everyone did their part to clean up the mess after the party. In natural Adirondack fashion, we shamelessly gathered all traces of our celebration and guided it to bins for easy cleanup. Proud of our culture, proud of our caring and kindness, proud of our Earth, we did our part to show thanks for this very special place.

As Lake George rests from a long weekend of fantastic adventure, everyone bustles off to their homes filled with love and light. A sense of community. A sense of fulfillment. Final hugs and well-wishes fueled everyone for their journeys home.


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