Glass Pony Release New Music Video For “Mortimer”

Glass Pony Release New Music Video For “Mortimer”

Over the weekend, Glass Pony released a music video for their new song “Mortimer.” The video comes ahead of their much anticipated sophomore album which is set to come out May 20th.

The music video is focused around bassist Jeff Picarazzi who seems to be having an off morning to say the least and then follows him into the kitchen where he prepares quite the meal for the rest of the band. Everything is off and nothing makes sense but Picarazzi saves the day with homemade pasta and chicken marsala. Keep your girlfriends close boys.

We at Mirth Films were fortunate to help out our friends with the project and plan to continue bringing you even more live music content from Glass Pony in the future. The groove is now! Watch below:

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