X Games Men’s Street Skateboarding Winners – Year by Year

X Games Men’s Street Skateboarding Winners – Year by Year

The X Games has been a household name in the extreme sports world for the past 27 years. Originally founded by ESPN in 1994 and one year later, the inaugural season took place. The competition welcomed Skateboarding, BMX, Moto X and more. Over the years, skateboarding. Since its inception there are many skateboarding events in the yearly event including Vert, Park, Big Air and Real Street.

The yearly competition has helped push the progression of the sport featuring some of the most special moments. A prime example of this is when Tony Hawk landed the 900 live on-air for the first time in front of the whole world. It was a trick that changed skateboarding history forever bringing the sport to a bigger platform. X Games was first hosted in Providence, RI followed by it travelling year by year to different states and countries.

Over the course of these articles, we will be doing a breakdown year by year of winners from each skateboarding event. This week we will be taking a look at X Games street skateboarding winners. Check out the comprehensive list below:

Street Skateboarding Gold Medalists:

1995: Chris Senn

1996: Rodil de Araujo Jr.

1997: Chris Senn

1998: Rodil Dde Araujo Jr.

1999: Chris Senn

2000: Eric Koston

2001: Kerry Getz

2002: Rodil de Araujo Jr.

2003: Chad Muska

2004: Paul Rodriguez

2005: Paul Rodriguez

2006: Nyjah Houston

2007: Chris Cole

2008: Ryan Sheckler

2009: Paul Rodriguez

2010: Ryan Sheckler

2011: Nyjah Houston

2012: Paul Rodriguez

2013: Chris Cole

2014: Nyjah Houston

2015: Nyjah Houston

2016: Nyjah Houston

2017: Kevin Hoefler

2018: Nyjah Houston

2019: Nyjah Houston

2020: Contest cancelled due to Covid-19

2021: Dashawn Jordan






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