Recap: Flamenco Vivo lit up Le Poisson Rouge in New York City

Recap: Flamenco Vivo lit up Le Poisson Rouge in New York City

Photos: Csilla Kajtar

Intermission is over, states Flamenco Vivo’s website! Their calendar is filling up with events ranging from tablao performances, outreach, classes, workshops, or virtual lectures about the history and legacy of flamenco. On February 19 they brought the tempestuous dance to a full house at the Poisson Rouge in New York City. The art form intertwines live music with beautiful, energetic dance. Performers use their feet and bodies to create percussive sounds, becoming musical instruments themselves, as well as vehicles to express emotion through dance.

The breathtaking 2-act performance started with a group choreography that brought all participants on stage, cheering each other as they took solos, showcasing their best improvisational techniques. Individual performances followed by Laura Peralta, Fanny Ara, and Briseyda Zarate Fernandez. Jose Moreno (vocalist), Francisco “Yiyi” Orozco (vocalist and percussionist) and Calvin Hazen (guitarist) entertained the audience at the beginning of the second act. This was followed by Alberto Selles’ solo and an extended creative tablao-style dance during which dancers and musicians performed and interacted same as this takes place in Spain’s flamenco cafes or at gatherings and parties.

Flamenco Vivo’s performance married tradition and freshness. The dancers’ and musicians’ technique was flawless, they drew in the audience with the intensity of emotion, but also presented their art with ease and playfulness making the audience feel part of the performance and invited to the party.

Established by Carlota Santana and Roberto Lorca in 1983, Flamenco Vivo’s mission is to promote flamenco as a living art form and a vital part of Hispanic heritage. You can be enjoy and become part of this heritage by catching one of the company’s future performances throughout the country, taking a class in NYC as they are becoming available, or attending one of their online lectures.


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