Gallery: Neighbor Takes Over Nectar’s in Burlington, VT for Three Nights

Gallery: Neighbor Takes Over Nectar’s in Burlington, VT for Three Nights

Photos: Vic Brazen

Neighbor played a three night run at Nectar’s in downtown Burlington, VT over the weekend selling out the third night. Neighbor has been one of the fastest growing jam bands in recent times. The band comprised of Richard James (vocals, keys), Lyle Brewer (guitar), Dan Kelly (bass, vocals) and Dean Johnston (drums) have only been at it for roughly 3 years and are growing a following at a rapid base.

We went from knowing that Neighbor was a group featuring talented musicians who have played in other respected bands to saying “holy s**t, we cannot not miss these guys’ festival slot.” We highly encourage checking out these hardworking and incredible musicians next time they make it near an area you live or festival you are attending. Check out the full set lists from each of the three nights at Nectar’s along with a gallery provided by photographer Vic Brazen below:


Set 1: Love Like Stone, Don’t You Cry, Magna Zero, Wait Another Day, Hot Air Balloon[1], Yo Yo Ma > Ulsa[2] -> Cucamonga Carl, Clyde[3]

Set 2: Magic Marble Crew[4] > Drums -> Lonely Rider[5], Isla, Terror for Free[6], High Five Gauntlet[7] > Why Don’t We Do It In The Road, Point of No Return > Take Me Alive

Encore: Waste[8], Drums > Stranger Part of Town[9]

[1] Wait Another Day and Planet Silver teases.
[2] Cucamonga Carl jam.
[3] Lonely Rider tease.
[4] Crashing Down tease.
[5] Stranger Part of Town quotes.
[6] May the Force Be With You (John Williams) tease.
[7] Soul Train style.
[8] Lyle solo instrumental.
[9] Tom Papp and Revolution 9 (The Beatles) quotes.



Set 1: Clover, Great Barrier Reef > Why I Like You > You Could Be Mine > Silver III > Great Barrier Reef, Drums > What Should Will Never Be[1], Crashing Down, Sleep When You’re Dead

Set 2: Mighty Apple Tree, Move Along Little Jimmy, Pine Tree -> Into the Sun

Encore: You Never Gave Me Your Money > Sun King > Mean Mr. Mustard > Polythene Pam, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window[2] > Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight[3] > The End, Her Majesty[4]

[1] Funky style.
[2] Pine Tree tease.
[3] Crosstown Traffic (Jimi Hendrix) tease.
[4] Lyle and Dean only. Dean on vocals.


Set 1: Dark Eyed Junco > I Saw You > One For The Hoop[1], Granddaddy[2], Thunder Island -> Ordinary World[3] -> Thunder Island > Cuba Street, Chickens -> Radar Love[4] -> Planet Silver

Set 2: Skin It Back, Sail On, Shitstorm[5] -> Water in the Sky, Sunday Afternoon[6] > The Weeds -> Mary and Martha

Encore:: White Flag[7], Steel[8]

[1] Wolfmans Brother (Phish) jam. Planet Silver tease.
[2] Debut.
[3] First time played (Duran Duran).
[4] First time played (Golden Earring). Instrumental.
[5] You Soft and Tom Papp quotes.
[6] Planet Silver and Pine Tree teases.
[7] Ricky solo.
[8] Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd) tease.



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