Grapplin Greg: A Greg Bell Story – Documentary Trailer

Grapplin Greg: A Greg Bell Story – Documentary Trailer

Greg Bell of Guthrie/Bell Productions has been a staple in the Albany music community for three decades. Starting in the early 90s, he ended up on a journey that has led him to give countless new bands from the region a stage to play on. For bands from around the country, Bell has made Albany a stop to look forward to – always with the support and enthusiasm you might get more often from a fan, than a promoter.

‘Grapplin’ Greg’ will tell the story of Greg Bell, from how he fell in love with live music, to booking a couple small bar shows for friends, to events at venues like The Palace Theatre, Albany Armory and beyond. Greg Bell doesn’t just book shows, he has helped nurture a music scene that truly feels like a community. To tell the story, Mirth Films is in the process of speaking with musicians, venue owners, fans, promoters, family and friends that help piece together this three-decade legacy. Shot at venues like The Hollow in downtown Albany and the Palace Theatre with those that know him best, the interviews have proven to be full of stories both heartfelt and hilarious.

The title of the documentary comes from the Eastbound Jesus (for whom Bell serves as manager) song of the same name. The song tells a tale of Bell as a wrestler, defeating a bear that attempts to start a drum circle at his legendary festival, Bellstock. Perhaps he never went toe to toe with a bear, but from being a star wrestler to threatening to burn drums, much of the tale is true. The song, like his life, is an entertaining ride.

A full-length film is planned to be released in late fall 2022, with a premier showing to planned. The film is shot, edited and produced by Frankie Cavone of Mirth Films, and co-produced by Kim Neaton of Guthrie/Bell Productions.



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