Death Kings Tear Apart Newly Built Empire Underground in Albany, NY

Death Kings Tear Apart Newly Built Empire Underground in Albany, NY

Photos: Frankie Cavone

Death Kings kept the party alive Saturday night playing the official Umphrey’s McGee after party at the newly built Empire Underground in Albany, NY. This is the band’s first run of shows since their initial public appearance at Summer Camp 2021. Opening up for the act was punk band Blackcat Elliot.

The night before, the group comprised of Mike Gantzer(Aqueous), Michelangelo Carubba(Turkuaz) and Ryan Stasik(Umphrey’s McGee) and Brett Fernway played The Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY. There are three words to describe the Death Kings. Heavy, fast and technical. This is a refreshing act that we all needed. It is a way for the musicians to step away from their main acts with intentions on having fun while embracing their roots.

While the jam band scene we all love may be great, it is easy to get absorbed into listening to only one side of music and forget about what music you used to also love. This band embraces the non jam side of things taking elements of punk and metal and shove it right down your throat. To see these group of very talented musicians from the jam band scene play incredible covers of Suicidal Tendencies’ “Cyco Vision” and Nirvana’s “Breed” straight up blew me away.

Death Kings also have original music and have been working on their debut album. Earlier last week, they released their newest single “Welcome to Hell” which is out now on all streaming platforms. Check out photos from their performance at Empire Underground in Albany, NY below and stay tuned for a multi-cam video of the full show!



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