Woodstock Organizer Michael Lang Pronounced Dead at 77

Woodstock Organizer Michael Lang Pronounced Dead at 77

Photo: Henry Diltz

Michael Lang, the brains behind Woodstock 1969 has passed away at the age of 77. According to NBC News, Lang passed away due to complications with Lymphoma.

He was not only the organizer of the most famous music festival in history but the producer as well. Lang always looked at the bigger picture and without Woodstock 1969, we probably wouldn’t look or even use the term “music festival” in the same way. He was able to get nearly 500,000 people to show up to Bethel a small town in New York that would forever change history.

Before he dove into creating Woodstock, he was involved with organizing the Miami Pop Festival featuring the biggest names in rock and roll at the time. Lang was also involved in Woodstock 1994 and 1999 along with managing the likes of Billy Joel and Joe Cocker. His efforts will live on throughout musical history and contributions will never be forgotten. Relive what Michael Lang was able to achieve at Woodstock 1969 in a documentary below:

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