Bill Kreutzmann Staying Home For Playing In The Sand Due To Health Concerns

Bill Kreutzmann Staying Home For Playing In The Sand Due To Health Concerns

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Legendary drummer Bill Kreutzmann will be staying home while Dead and Company plays their two-weekend Playing In The Sand event in Mexico. In a statement made via social media, he stated:

Playing in the Sand has become my favorite tour stop in recent years and there’s so much about it that’s just so great,” Kreutzmann wrote on social media. “And thus, it is with a heavy and still recovering heart that I have to relay a note that I received from my doctor this morning, ordering me to sit this one out.

As many of you know, I had some health issues this past fall. After a lifetime of playing special beats, it’s almost no wonder that my heart came up with its own idea of rhythm. All jokes aside, my doctor has ordered me to take it easy (and stay safe) through the end of January so that I can continue to drum and play for you for many tours to come. I have a lot of music left in me and there’s no stopping me from playing it.

I’ve never been one to obey orders or play by the rules, but in the interest of longevity, I hope you’ll understand.

I wish my brothers in the band the best these next two weeks and I look forward to meeting back up with them — and with you — before you know it. Please stay safe out there so that we can do it all again. And again.

The last time Kreutzmann had to sit out for a show, beloved “Dead” related drummer Jay Lane took the role. Dead and Company currently has a refund window for the upcoming events due to COVID-19. For more information, please click here.


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