Folk-Country Fans Mourn Loss of Nanci Griffith

Folk-Country Fans Mourn Loss of Nanci Griffith

The folk-country world of music and culture is mourning the loss of singer-songwriter and guitarist Nanci Griffith, who passed away August 13.

The artist was “more loved than she knew” wrote Texas Monthly

“Griffith brought in people from all corners, and they all came out to pay respects…Great art takes you to places you haven’t been and introduces you to people you didn’t know. ”

The artist wrote a number of popular songs and paid homage to great songs by others, like “Love at the Five and Dime,” and “Lone Star State of Mind,” Townes Van Zandt’s “Tecumseh Valley,” and John Prine’s “Speed the Sound of Loneliness.”

Griffith also won her Best Contemporary Folk Album GRAMMY with the 1993 all-covers album Other Voices, Other Rooms.

But her career wasn’t easy. Griffith often voiced the frustrations many musicians who make beautiful art and give their all–the blood, sweat and tears–without the success they so deserve.

“Why do I have to do this?” she asked Rolling Stone in 1992. “I write good music, and I don’t just toss it off. Why, at 37 years and my ninth album, am I still having to stay on the road 11 months a year when someone like Tracy Chapman can come along and have one huge hit and is set for life?”

While her songs mostly found success in the hands of other artists, she made a significant impact on her community.

Listen to the best of her legacy. Who knows, you might just get inspired.

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