Midweek Slump Slammers: Roundup #5

Midweek Slump Slammers: Roundup #5

I’ve spent the last two weeks quarantined in my apartment after getting COVID (I’ve been fully vaccinated since March) so I’ve had a lot of time to wallow and *consume content* and think about how much I miss the outside world. 

One of my favorite things about music is the way it acts as a placeholder for your life. They become so uniquely yours.  You hear the first 15 seconds of a song and are transported to a different time. You remember just where you were, how the air smelled, who you were with (or definitely not with), it’s like magic. 

So here are five songs that always snap me right back to that moment. Feeling damp grass on my feet, smelling gasoline or Marb 27s, in dusky light, leaning against cold brick, you know the deal.

If you have a song that has settled with you in a way you’d like to share, let me know at katie@mirth-films.com or via Instagram @kkates_mariee and I’ll add ‘em on each week. 

ICYMI: Each week, you can find a handful of tracks here that make me feel… many different things. Maybe they’ll make you feel things too.

Happy listening. 

“Night Shift” – Lucy Dacus

My friends and I had just spent the day at the beach. Everything was salt and sand but we were lazily lounging in our little cabin looking for board games. Someone put on a shuffling playlist and this came on. My friend and I started singing (as you literally must when it comes to this song) and it evolved into a passionate and very loud sing-along. 

It was an ode to Queen Lucy Dacus and her songwriting prowess–the ability to turn molehill sized moments and sensations into violent volcanoes of heart-wrenching emotion. I can still be in that living room under the soft lamplight murmuring “the first time I tasted somebody else’s spit / I had a coughing fit” (god, what an opening line) and screaming the chorus. 

What a song for working out complicated feelings about all sorts of relationships. 

“Expectations and Plans” – Coupons

Hanging out in Albany basements listening to a few or, sometimes, five (omg I know) bands with a 6 pack of cheap beer in your backpack–the condensation slowly dampening the fabric–is a special thing. Really nice stuff. You’re a little bit cramped, you find yourself a corner and settle in with friends and acquaintances and characters. The musicians find their spaces-in-between-space too and everyone’s just kind of making it happen. It’s pure. 

One of the last pre-pandemic ones I got to was a lovely Coupons show at the Chateau basement venue. It was crowded and people sang the songs loud and afterwards we ate amazing burgers in the evening chill. (shoutout to @herbiesburgers) This isn’t one of those “We had no idea what was ahead” moments everyone is sick of hearing about. This was a “Yeah, this is gonna be it for cozy crowds, see you on the other side” kind of grand finale. Coupons makes me think of camaraderie and this night solidified that for me. Check out their new album if ya can. 

“I Think I’m Paranoid”- Garbage

A direct Rock Band memory. I’m thankful to that video game for introducing me to 90s bands that helped expand my understanding of my very own decade. (Also for being a goddamn blast to act out childhood/teen rockstar dreams.) By the time I became of age to have a musical opinion I had missed a lot of the magic 90s music had to offer to feel invested in most of the bands people feel passionate about (I’m looking at you Pearl Jam) but I’ll always have Garbage.

Thankful to be getting to experience them in real life at SPAC this September in support of Alanis’ Jagged Little Pill 25-year anniversary.

Also, I have a theory, and strong feelings, that “Paranoid”was a big inspiration for one of the best movie songs of all time, see above for your listening pleasure. At the very least, it carries the same energy.

“Lemon” – N.E.R.D feat. Rihanna

Totally unique experience that I alone have had and no one else, but I used to have a particularly stressful job that brought me down and this was my car song. You know, THE car song. Getting into it on the highway. This one, an obviously fantastic banger by genius songwriters with a perfect Rihanna verse, is a highly effective mood booster. For the record, I was between sharing this perfect piece of art and “Slide” by Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos. You know the vibe.

Honorable mentions: 

Thanks so much to everyone who shares their songs with me on Instagram. I add them here for our collective enjoyment. Follow along at @kkates_mariee where I’ll be posting my roundup and asking about your own favorites each week. 

“Aww (Zaza)” – MIKE

“You Ain’t Coming Back (live in London) – Zeal & Ardor


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